7 Online Marketing Tips
7 online marketing tips

Let’s go into more detail on these 7 Online Marketing Tips:

Online Marketing Tips

1. Optimizing for Local Online Searches

It should be no surprise that Google is one of the first places your customers are checking when they want to find a business like yours, so it should go without saying that you need to appear in any relevant search results for them. The only problem is, there’s not just one place where people are looking, it’s several different places.

You should make sure your business is optimized for local search (or Geotargeting) on the following sites:

  • Google My Business (formerly Google+ Local)
  • Yelp!
  • Superpages.com
  • Manta (Only if you’re doing B2B Marketing)
  • BBB.org
  • Yellowpages.com
  • Tripadvisor.com
  • CitySearch.com
  • Insiderpages.com

There are a few different ways to optimize your online presence on these sites, but it all comes down to using consistent business information across all of them. This will be your Google My Business page, so you should make sure it looks good and describes your business accurately.

Keep in mind that the more accurate your information, the more opportunity you’ll have to rank for local searches. Another important aspect is reviewing management – see our Online Reputation Management section below for more information on what this means.

2. Invest in your website

While you may not be able to do extensive redesigning of your site, there are some key points to keep in mind that will help you better connect with your customers and give them the information they’re looking for about your business. When you invest time into these things, it’ll pay off because more people will be able to find you online.

Your website should have a modern design interface with a user friendly design and layout. Make sure the UX of your site is as simple as possible to help increase your conversion rates.

Users want fast-loading pages that are easy to navigate, so make sure your web hosting can keep up with the volume of traffic to your site.

Don’t forget about Online Reputation Management (more on this below). Online reviews are one of the biggest factors when people are searching for you, so make sure they’re satisfied with their experience or else they’ll take to Yelp or Google Reviews and tell everyone how much they hated it. That’s why Online Reputation Management is so important – it’s basically Online Reputation Marketing.

When you have a good, high quality website that loads quickly and has great information on it, people will be more likely to visit your site instead of searching for your business everywhere else. Therefore, if they search for you on Google or Yelp and find you first (with good Online Reputation Management), they’re more likely to visit you instead of the countless other businesses that are vying for their attention.

3. Focus on Mobile Friendliness

There’s no doubt that mobile devices are becoming more and more popular, especially with younger generations (check out this infographic which displays statistics about Online Marketing Trends). This means it’s incredibly important that your Online Reputation Management is mobile-friendly, especially if you’re trying to draw in millennials.

Make sure that on whatever device someone is using (desktop, tablet or phone), your Online Reputation Management site can be accessed and navigated with ease so they don’t get frustrated and go elsewhere. There are some websites where the Online Reputation Management is only accessible by clicking on a button, and this can be an issue because it doesn’t display well on mobile devices.

With Online Reputation Marketing making up such a big part of your Online Marketing plan, it needs to be done right or else you’ll lose out to the competition that does. This includes having good information on your Online Reputation Management sites, ensuring it is mobile-friendly and having the Online Reputation Marketing published on a regular basis.

4. Online reviews

As mentioned above, Online reviews are becoming more and more important as an Online Marketing factor. There’s nothing better than having someone recommend you to their friends or even write reviews about you on Online Reputation Management sites. Online reviews help give your brand authority, which is why Online Reputation Marketing is so important.

Not only that, but Online reviews are a great way to find out how you can improve or what needs to be changed with your business in order to keep customers satisfied and coming back for more. Research has shown that Online reviews are one of the most important Online Marketing aspects that people look at, so it’s important that you keep an eye on your Online Reputation Management sites.

There are many Online reputation management services you can use to provide Online reviews for your business. There are many available. The key is to find Online reputation management services that provide you with the Online reviews you need to keep customers satisfied.

5. Online Reputation Management

As mentioned above, Online Reputation Management is extremely important for Online Marketing success. Online reviews are one of the biggest factors when it comes to Online marketing success, so it’s important that you keep an eye on your Online Reputation Management sites and websites to ensure there are no issues with them.

If someone posts Online reviews on Online Reputation Management sites it’s important that you don’t respond in a negative manner. Of course, you can request the Online review (if they didn’t give one) or answer any questions they might have had about your business. But if someone posts an Online review and it is not 100% positive, there’s no point in arguing with them.

It’s best to let Online reviews speak for themselves in order to maintain your Online Reputation Management sites in a positive light. Online reviews are becoming more and more important when it comes to Online marketing success, so it’s important that you focus on Online Reputation Marketing to make sure they’re strong enough to help boost your Online marketing success.

6. Be active on your social media profiles

A great way to brand your fence company and really establish yourselves as leaders in your industry is to leverage your social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.   Social media is a great way to engage with customers, get feedback on your products and services, and show the human side of your business.

In addition to staying active on current profiles, it’s important that you’re also creating new profiles for each service you offer. For example, if you have a fence company and also build patios and decks , create a profile for each service. This way, you can keep track of your profiles and ensure that they’re all being updated regularly.

7. Create Localized Content for your website and your social posts

In our day and age, businesses have to focus on being as local as possible. Online marketing is a great way to do this.

When it comes to getting customers in your door and converting them into leads and customers, it’s important that you’re creating content that caters specifically to the area you serve. For example, if you’re a fence company in Oklahoma City, you’re going to want to focus on things like how the seasons will affect your fence installation. Your leads and customers in that area would be able to relate more if they saw content written about their specific city/state/region and not the entire US.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what they want to know about. Then, answer those questions online in a way that’s going to be useful for them.

We hope these Online Marketing Tips have been helpful! Online marketing is a powerful tool that will help you grow your fence company and increase your leads and sales. Keep in mind that when it comes to Online Marketing, there are many companies out there that are willing to provide you with services. However, it’s important that you find a company that is an expert in Online Marketing AND fences! If you need help when it comes to Online Marketing for your business, call us today at 833-516-0607.

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