We are on a mission to help 200 Fence Companies Triple (or more) their revenue over the next 2 years!

And we want you to be one of the 200!

Here at Local Fence Marketing, we are looking to partner with 200 Fence Companies all across the US to help them 3X or more their annual revenue! We are passionate about using the skills we have acquired and honed over the years in online marketing to help Fence Contractors really grow and scale their businesses.

The local fencers we work with not only provide jobs in their communities, but they also support local schools, organizations, churches, other local businesses with their revenue. We are all about that extended local impact on a community when we are able to help a Local Fence Company really thrive. 48% of every dollar spent with a local service provider stays in that community. Versus 14% of every dollar spent with a national chain or franchise.

Local businesses have a much bigger impact on their communities. So you can see why we are so passionate about helping local fence companies grow!