The Local Juggernaut™

For the local Fence Companies who are truly ready to scale and become an overwhelming force in their niche, the go to local fence authority if you will, then you need The Local Juggernaut™.

The Local Juggernaut System

This is the solution that focuses on the 3 main levers in getting you more leads. We turn your website into a powerful machine to launch your fence contracting business to the top of the mountain of competitors. And we do it FAST! We use our Blitz SEO methodology to tackle SEO tasks in weeks, not months!

A Juggernaut is defined as a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution. And that is our goal for your company, to be a Juggernaut in your local marketplace.

Using Local Juggernaut™, Local Fence Marketing establishes you as the only logical choice to provide fence contracting services to your marketplace.

Why a Comprehensive Approach to Your Marketing is Better

The short answer is because you want to be omnipresent when a prospect goes looking for a Fence Company.

The long answer is that your ideal customer uses the internet in many different ways, and you want to be there the very moment they need or are considering your services. Whether they see your ad or post on social media and are reminded that they need to take care of their fence problem. Or, if they are actively searching on Google for a reputable Fence Contractor to get a quote for their issue…you want to be front and center with your best foot forward!

That is why we recommend and always see the best results from comprehensive strategies and campaigns. We Built The Local Juggernaut™ to be a comprehensive FAST approach to your online marketing.

When it comes to service providers (like fence contractors) today’s consumer is research savvy! Multiple studies have shown that over 80% of all your prospects are going to do online research before they decide to purchase. This means they will be looking you up online to see if you pass muster or not! If you are not dominating by ranking well, with a great reputation, a great website, and a solid online presence you are unlikely to win their business. All types of consumer resources like Forbes, recommend that consumers research before hiring a contractor.